Autonomous navigation, autonomous release and berthing

5G+ Beidou positioning

Artificial intelligence autonomous driving

Machine vision system

Full electric propulsion system

Ship electric propulsion system

Internet call, remote monitoring, remote assisted driving

Remote control system

360-degree panoramic assisted driving and berthing control system

Hull control system

Automatic charging

Solar and wind energy complementary charging

The main parameters

Main parameters
Total length: 4.98m
Width: 2.6m/3.56m
Draft: 0.55m
Weight: 1500kg/1850kg
Power system: 2x100Ah / 4x100Ah
Displacement: 2.78T
Engine room: 5-6 people

01 The extensive use of all aluminum alloys and antibacterial materials, and the use of lithium battery systems in the power system are safe, environmentally friendly and reliable.

02 360-degree panoramic system, you can watch the real-time state of the ship in the water, and the interactive screen enhances the entertainment and interactive experience

03 It can accommodate up to 6 people, and the cockpit can be changed to a room according to customer requirements

04 Automatic driving, remote control, assisted driving, manual driving, can be switched freely

05 Modular design of the whole ship, free assembly and combination.

06 The hard-top design can be modularly assembled to ensure the brightness and wide field of vision inside the cockpit; it can be equipped with windshield, canopy, external lighting and light strips.

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