Smart Charging System

Ant Travel focuses on using the regulation function of small, medium and micro parking lots to optimize the management of a smart platform for the parking and travel environment in a small area, and a total solution provider with smart services as the core. The platform includes parking lot planning, parking smart APP, parking system equipment, charging piles and other smart applications, parking lot operation management, and parking financial leasing.

77% of electric vehicle fires occur while charging

According to the statistics of the fire department, 77% of electric vehicle fires occur when charging, and it only takes 100 seconds to cause death. The charging safety should not be overlooked.

High non-compliance rate

The non-conformance rate of 30 batches of electric bicycle charger samples from different companies, different brands and different models were randomly selected nationwide

Security risks

The head of the household pulls electric wires and ordinary household sockets privately, which does not meet the fire protection regulations. Do not enter the community unified electric bicycle parking garage.

Not smart

At present, coin-operated and card-swiping charging devices on the market cannot realize smart charging management solutions

Intelligent charging system for electric vehicles

Product advantages

Scan code, swipe card to charge smart, safe and affordable

Overload protection full automatic power off

Query location power failure prompt

Register as a member, charge at any time

Socket passed electrical product safety monitoring

Have purchased commercial insurance to solve worries

Has applied for 2 inventions and 2 designs

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Institute of Technology and many other efficient establishment of industry-university alliances


Create "Smart City, Smart Community"

Streets, neighborhood committees, and property fire control power safety, safe communities, convenient, safe and affordable for car owners

Serving more than 200,000 electric vehicles, covering more than 200 communities, covering Shanghai's Xuhui District, Huangpu District, Yangpu, etc. It is rapidly covering Hunan, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities



Covering more than 20,000 charging piles: 1 yuan/4 hours 2 yuan / full monthly subscription 30 yuan