Founded in 2003, ONEXGOOD is an artificial intelligence business company that focuses on innovation and research and development in the field of video analysis related technologies. In early 2018, it began to focus on research and development of an unmanned underwater autonomous driving platform. The company is committed to building a complete set of low-cost, high-availability, self-closing water unmanned business scenarios. ONEXGOODI and ONEXGOODII, based on the video sensor as the core, are new water vehicles with new materials and new technologies developed independently. With a complete supply chain management system, it has formed a series of highly available products and software and hardware platforms. Its core products include: intelligent unmanned wharf, 5G driverless water TAXI, intelligent cockpit combined with VR/AR, and anti-obstacle avoidance system with 360 full scenes. At the same time, based on the core vision algorithm, a series of peripheral ecological products have been developed, such as an integrated temperature detection and face recognition machine for three-eye thermal imaging, a low-cost intelligent unmanned video parking management platform, a uav inspection platform, and integrated robot elimination and killing products.

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ONEXGOOD AI+ Collegeis an innovative college dedicated to building the world's leading artificial intelligence field and cultivating cross-industry, interdisciplinary and all-combat talents. ONEXGOOD AI+ Collegeis was jointly initiated and founded in early 2018 by Ant project initiator Zhang Xiangting and top AI and education technical experts and well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad. It aims to build a new integrated college with global influence, integrating talent training, gathering, innovation, entrepreneurship and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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