Low-cost, full-video intelligent parking management platform

Reduce complaints by 90%, reduce disputes by 80%, increase parking space operation efficiency by 30%, increase customer return rate by 30%, maintenance costs by 30%, system usage costs by traditional 30-50%, cable savings by 60%, installation 30% reduction in debugging manpower, quick plug-and-play, graphical system management.


Improve service quality


Cost saving 30%~50%


Easy to manage and deploy

360 fisheye guide-find vacancies quickly

A very low cost
Soft and hard core patent design
Multi-parking license plate recognition
Multiple recognition algorithm embedded camera
Low illumination, high elevation algorithm optimization
We fully understand the protection of intellectual property rights

Novida video sensor

Two-piece video recognition, weak lighting, no additional light to help
large grate elevation method, embedded, low cost

Youyou parking demo video

Maintain and continuously improve the intelligent level of parking lot operations, and assist in the successful creation of a comprehensive information operation platform for parking lots under the jurisdiction of a commercial complex.
Increase parking space utilization by 15-20%, parking revenue by 10-15%, and personnel efficiency by 20-25%. Reduce the dispute rate by 80% and the parking lot crime rate by 90%. The preventive system will reduce losses and risks in all aspects.
Comprehensive introduction of cloud platform management and operation system, introduction of environmental and occupational health and safety systems.

Maritime drone part

Focus on long-distance and long-endurance patrols and cargo drones for oceans and islands

Pufferfish A1

The pufferfish A1 is a multifunctional general-purpose unmanned helicopter of the pufferfish series. It can hover and fly stably from ultra-low altitude to hollow plutonium, and easily cope with complex geographic and meteorological conditions.

Pufferfish A2

BL0WFISH A2 has a proprietary large open design at the lower part, a large-span high tripod, a high body, and an extended battery, which greatly increases the mounting space of the device.

Traveler P1

The RANGER makes full use of the long-term flight performance of the ZY-800 series. It maintains high strength, high temperature resistance and fatigue resistance while maintaining low body weight.

Pufferfish A1

BLOWFISH A1 is a large unmanned helicopter with a standard working load of 7~15 kg. It is equipped with an intelligent throwing device, which can realize stable mounting and one-click throwing.

Pufferfish A2

BLOWFISH A2 is a high-net-load unmanned helicopter with a standard working load of 12 kg. It can perform more complex combat missions and meet higher mission requirements.

Power line inspection demonstration

The Traverser and Pufferfish series have lidars equipped with high-gravity stars for power line patrol and produce high-quality three-dimensional terrain images of stars